Consulting Services

Customized advisory and consulting solutions for your unique needs.


Change is Inevitable

We Make it Easier

As your organization prepares for seismic changes or has a seemingly small but complicated question, having an experienced and knowledgeable partner to call on can make the future clearer, the questions answerable, and the work more manageable.

Our passion and purpose as a firm and as individual professionals centers around helping our clients achieve success, be entrepreneurial or innovative, pursue their mission, and maintain stability to do all of this and more. When we work together with our clients on their advisory and consulting needs, we bring together our decades of focused expertise, our love of solving problems, and our relentless commitment to quality work and quality service.

Each client is facing a different challenge or opportunity, unique factors, and diverse stakeholders that drive needs, demands, and timelines. All Johnson Lambert consulting project plans are uniquely designed and carefully planned based on your dynamics. Through significant involvement and leadership in the focused industries we serve, we bring knowledge and expertise to each project in a way that differentiates our services from those providers without such deep industry immersion. We know what questions to ask, what to look for, and what trends we see in similar environments. While design and delivery is customized, the methodologies are tested, constantly improved, and targeted.


How We Support You

Johnson Lambert consulting and advisory teams help your team transform your business, solve a problem, or prepare you for compliance requirements.


When your business is shifting, growing, or evolving, partner with our consultants and business advisors to optimize your strategy, process, and controls. Our deep industry knowledge enhances both service level and results.  


When you need additional support, supplemented teams, or specialized knowledge or experience to streamline a project, our team will work alongside yours to deliver efficient engagements that meet your needs and your stakeholders’ requirements. 


Service Offerings by Industry

We offer a wide variety of risk advisory and assurance services as well as technology and systems advisory services. The services targeted to each industry and niche are detailed below. However, if you have a need or a question about another service not listed here, please contact us; we can often build custom solutions for your specific needs.

Commercial Insurance

Captive Insurance and Risk Retention Groups

Public Risk Pools

Nonprofit Organizations


Is Your Business Ready for What’s Next?

When change is coming or your business is evolving, look no further than the industry-focused consulting and advisory professionals at Johnson Lambert.