Quality of Earnings (QoE) Review Services

Johnson Lambert works with insurance-related companies to provide Quality of Earnings Reviews when clients are considering entities as acquisition targets and want to learn more about the buy-side due diligence concerns. For those looking to sell their businesses, QoE services also provide a better understanding of sell-side due diligence.


Buying, selling,

or investing in a business?

Is your company going through a transition and you need additional information? Johnson Lambert can provide guidance and expertise on both sides of the Quality of Earning Review process.

Whether you’re considering expanding your business through acquisition or you’re looking to sell your business, the analysis provided by a Quality of Earnings (QoE) review and the final QoE Report which are both critical to structuring and executing the optimal deal.

Johnson Lambert’s QoE expertise centers around the deals made by and for insurance companies and insurance related entities. Our specialized insurance practice translates to greater insights for our clients, positioning them to be more comfortable with the forward-looking position of the company being analyzed and reducing risk in the deal.

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Components of our QoE analysis includes, but are not limited to,


  • Consistency and quality of the company’s accounting policies
  • Observations regarding the quality of the company’s internal controls over financial reporting
  • Degree of judgment or subjectivity in developing accounting estimates
  • Completeness and transparency of the financial statement footnotes, including uncertainties and contingencies
  • Volume and significance of non-recurring transactions 
  • Impact of related party transactions on earnings
  • Tax positions taken by the company

Services We Offer


Buy Side Due Diligence


Sell Side Due Diligence

From selling your company to increasing the scalability of your service offerings, our extensive insurance expertise allows our team to deliver right-sized engagements that are customized to meet your unique needs as you go through this transition.


Buying, selling, or investing in a business?