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Financial statement audit, SOC report, and consulting services customized for MGAs and similar organizations



MGAs need

Johnson Lambert offers financial statement audit, SOC report, and consulting services optimized for these unique organizations.

Carriers rely on the completeness and accuracy of premium and loss data from entities that have been delegated underwriting authority. Controls over the information systems used to populate the monthly reporting to carriers is critical. MGAs and other entities with underwriting authority have become a significant part of the insurance ecosystem.


Our vast insurance expertise, includes working closely with organizations like:

  • Managing General Agents
  • Managing General Underwriters
  • Coverholders
  • Program Administrators
  • Program Underwriters
  • Underwriting Agencies

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Services We Offer

With deep industry experience, technologies, and tools, our team delivers right-sized engagements designed to meet your unique needs.

Financial Statement Audit

Amidst increased scrutiny of binding authorities by rating agencies or carriers and the interest in more oversight from Boards, audits of MGAs are becoming a necessary part of transacting business. With experience auditing hundreds of insurance organizations (including MGAs and similar organizations) for decades, we have a streamlined approach that utilizes digital technologies, efficient workflows, and low-friction information exchange with our clients. Furthermore, our audit programs are designed for organizations like yours, meaning they’re efficient yet thorough to meet the needs of rating agencies and other interested parties.

Service Organization Control (SOC) Report

Our team issues all types of SOC reports. Carriers and rating agencies will have more confidence in your commitment to internal controls over your data when you provide them your SOC report.

SOC Report


Internal controls are key to accurate and complete financial reporting. Rating agencies want to know that your MGA has strong internal controls in place. Our team can help you document the governance structure and controls in place as well as test the controls on a regular basis. Our insurance expertise and risk-based approach means we are efficient and add value.

Our team can help prepare your MGA for an audit, including but not limited to moving from the cash basis to the accrual basis of accounting, financial statement preparation, and revenue recognition.

Revenue recognition for MGAs is often complex and can be difficult to appropriately account for. With our proprietary revenue recognition templates, designed specifically for MGAs and program administrators, our team can help you take inventory of your revenue streams, evaluate for appropriate recognition, document revenue recognition policies and implement internal controls to set your MGA up for success moving forward.

Beyond these services, we offer a full range of other services to address your specific needs. Our MGA-focused tax team consults with clients on a wide array of issues and opportunities as well as provides tax preparation and provision services. We also provide cybersecurity assessment services.


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