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Johnson Lambert professionals are talented, passionate, and intelligent!

We value our clients and each other as professionals, peers, and friends. Our professionals exude thoughtfulness, bringing valuable, industry-specific experience and knowledge to their work.

We are excited about new opportunities and challenges, and look for ways to grow professionally and personally while enhancing and growing the firm. Johnson Lambert is home to leaders and strong performers who began their careers elsewhere and add value to the firm through their skills, talents, and experience.


Ongoing Learning + Mentorship

Professional growth is a priority at Johnson Lambert, and we are committed to supporting employees in reaching their full potential. From individual designations, to team training opportunities, to access to leaders who love to teach and mentor, we provide a multitude of resources for your professional growth.

Leadership Opportunities

Through mentorship, training, and guidance, we support you in achieving the right balance for your career path! Professional growth is a priority at Johnson Lambert. We make a significant investment in opportunities for our employees to build technical and interpersonal skill sets, which are critical to their long-term success and enjoyment of their career in public accounting.


Internal Training

Johnson Lambert provides a comprehensive training and development program for all employees. The training program exists to instill confidence and technical excellence in all employees. Our training is interactive and engaging, because we believe that a better learning experience creates a better work experience for our employees, and ultimately helps them reach their full potential as professionals.


Coaching Program

The program is a two-year commitment during which participants have the opportunity to assess their personal and professional goals, develop pathways to grow and move toward these goals, and learn from a Johnson Lambert partner who can provide a new perspective and answer questions they have along the way. The program is designed around the High Performing Partner Characteristics: Business Acumen, Growth, Team Building and Culture, and Technical.


Support for Your Passions

A career in public accounting can be demanding at times, so it is important to find a place where you can excel professionally while still pursuing your passions outside of work. In addition to building strong relationships through team activities, our employees have the flexibility to pursue their passions outside of work. From running marathons to adopting new pets (and everything in between), our team has the support they need to enjoy time off for what matters most to them.


Designations + Building Diverse Teams

All employees wishing to further their knowledge of business related topics can receive financial support for over 14 designations they wish to pursue. The firm offers financial support for exam preparation and exam fees and offers a bonus of up to $6,000 for each designation achieved.


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    We know that our workplace will continue to be better tomorrow than it was today. Our hiring team is an integral part in maintaining a workplace that continues to innovate and grow. Hiring individuals who want to engage in diversity and inclusion, who will advance our goals of flexibility, and work towards a purpose that cannot only be measured by accomplishing the tasks of our daily work routine. Join our firm in improving today, and bettering tomorrow.