Cedent Audits

Johnson Lambert works with reinsurance companies to perform data-driven audits of their cedents that provide rapid insights into the premium and loss data being reported.


Risk Based

Cedent Assessments

Johnson Lambert’s cedent audit process is tailored to your reinsurance business to optimize resources, align with your organizational objectives, and address strategic, financial, operational, and compliance risks. We utilize an agile audit plan — driven by data, continuously evaluated cedent risk profiles, and your organization’s objectives to develop and execute a dynamic cedent audit plan.

Our proprietary library of automated testing workflows as well as premium and claim trend analytics will provide you with greater confidence in the financial information being reported by your clients. You will have better validation of your contract performance while allowing your underwriting and claims teams to focus on their highest and best use initiatives.

Our cedent audit team will also take the time to understand your organization, both prospectively and retrospectively:

  • Prospective approach to measure the expertise of your clients’ underwriting and claims departments, and
  • Retrospective approach to ensure that the cedent is complying with the terms of the reinsurance agreement.

Our auditors regularly perform audits with common underwriting and claim management software such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, ImageRight and Sapiens CoreSuite, in addition to home grown insurance management systems.

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Methodologies and

Trend Analysis

The foundation of our methodology is disciplined project management to ensure we provide high-quality service on time and within budget.

From walking in with the right expertise to mindful planning with your priorities in mind, our goal is to use inter-team communications to eliminate duplicate requests and deliver actionable recommendations, clear deliverables, and reports shared immediately upon completion.

Understanding trends across your cedents is key to managing your business. Our tools will provide a real-time view into the business, aggregating across your cedents.

Audit Team

Key Parts of Our Process


Understand Your Organization's Objectives and Risks


Deliver Analytics Driven Audits Tailored to Your Organization


Provide Trend Analysis and Issue Follow-up Across Your Cedents

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