Our Commitment to Culture

We are intentional about our culture and have developed a culture code that guides our decisions and actions as a firm and individually.


Johnson Lambert

Culture Code

Recognizing the need to evolve further and faster, we developed a new Culture Code in 2020.

Our updated, more succinct core values are: Agility. Respect. Trust. We also identified five cultural behaviors that guide how we make decisions as a firm and as individual representatives of Johnson Lambert.

Learn more about all of the aspects of our Culture Code — our mission statement, our vision, our core values, and our cultural behaviors.


Our Guiding

Principles + Purpose

Our vision statement outlines what we aim to do as an organization, and it has been the overarching goal of our firm since our inception.

Our mission statement is our “why”, and it, too, has been our purpose since our founding partners first envisioned what our firm could be and what we could do.

Unlike the cultural behaviors, the manifestation of our culture, which is ever-evolving, the basis of our culture — our mission, vision, and values — do not change. They are our roots.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality audit, tax, and advisory services within the distinct industry markets we serve, and to earn our clients’ trust as a valued business partner. To be the choice employer for our profession’s most innovative and dedicated talent.

To support each client and our team members in meeting their goals and reaching their full potential.


We build agility through:

being willing and able to embrace change;
constantly looking into the future to understand how we can best meet the needs of an ever-evolving environment; and
creating an environment that embraces diverse ideas, training, education, and perspectives to develop the individual and collective capacity to pivot strategically.


We build trust through:

Commitment to Quality
adhering to the highest standards at all times;
being honest and truthful in words and actions; and
sharing knowledge and communicating openly.

Core Values

These three values — Agility, Respect, and Trust — are what guide our strategy and our execution.


We build respect through:

actively supporting the success of our people, clients, profession, the industries we serve, and the communities in which we live and work;
paying close attention to what others say to help us understand what they mean and how we can be helpful to them; and
seeing each individual as a whole being and valuing the merit and contributions each person has.



The manifestation of our core values are our cultural behaviors. These behaviors are universally recognizable and provide the boundaries for how we make decisions and interact with each other at all times.

Deliver high quality work + high quality experience

We do this by executing strategy in line with our core values and mission by seeking continuous improvement of our services and service model; by remaining committed to the highest quality standards for our clients and our people; and by building industry-focused experts.

Build mutual respect as the foundation of success

We do this by prioritizing our clients’ experience and perceived value in working with us; by actively seeking and valuing employee input into ways we can enrich their experience; and by offering industry-competitive and employee-focused benefits and compensation.

Evolve, learn, + grow

We do this by seeking new opportunities for growth and evolution of our firm; by cultivating the talent, resources, and knowledge that our clients desire and our team deserves; by encouraging and rewarding innovative ideas and the willingness to try new approaches; and by making strategic and swift pivots when the market, industries, or our clients demand.

Show up with passion + purpose

We do this by being active and visible in the industries we serve to benefit our teams, our clients, and the industries as a whole; by being active and visible supporters of the communities in which we live and work; and by investing in mentoring to support our employees’ growth.

Nurture opportunity + inclusion for all

We do this by investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; by listening to and valuing others’ experiences related to how they are treated based on age, race, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political views, national origin, or physical or mental disability status; by prioritizing the safety, dignity, and fair treatments of our employees over profits; by seeking and hiring the best candidates for every job; and by providing desirable work opportunities for our employees and promoting, rewarding, and compensating based on merit and skill set.


Bring the Culture Code

To Life

While a Culture Code needs to be both aspirational and actual, it also needs to be more than words on a page or a quippy elevator pitch. It is important to our firm that Johnson Lambert clients and team members experience the Culture Code in action.

Some of the ways that we make the Culture Code more a practice than a theory include: using it as a recruiting assessment — both for our firm to identify new team members and for those potential team members to see if our firm is the right fit for them; as a tool for ensuring all of our current team members have a common understanding of our culture and a mechanism for holding ourselves accountable; and as a way to better answer the question, “Why Johnson Lambert?”

Recruiting Assessment

We believe that the Culture Code gives potential employees better tools to determine if the Johnson Lambert culture is what they’re looking for and if our firm provides the environment they need to thrive.

Employee Alignment

The Culture Code was designed to give our people a clear and consistent framework for giving each other 360-degree feedback as well as understanding the firm’s advancement philosophy.

Demonstrate Uniqueness

The Johnson Lambert experience, both for our clients and our people, is unique, and we believe, one that adds values to both groups of stakeholders. The Culture Code enables us to better articulate our value proposition.

Eager to Join?

Does our culture of agility, respect, and trust resonate with you? Are you looking for meaningful professional relationships, opportunities to learn and grow, and the opportunity to work with clients in dynamic industries?