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Our innovative community culture is always growing, and it starts with the hiring team at Johnson Lambert. Think of a workplace where customizing your career path is commonplace and everyone encourages growth and development, all in a community where celebrating diversity is expected; welcome to our firm.

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On the path to 150 hours, striving to achieve the CPA designation or seeking an advisory career?

Johnson Lambert hopes to have the opportunity to meet and introduce you to the possibilities of a rewarding career!

In 1997, Diane Walker started her public accounting career as an intern at Johnson Lambert. Follow along as Diane shares her journey from intern to partner.


Belong at Johnson Lambert

We get it, finding a place where you belong after college can be a daunting task. At Johnson Lambert, we set you up early to succeed!

Pre-Internship Program: ELITE

+ Empowered Leaders Inspiring Tomorrow’s Excellence (ELITE) is a student event hosted in May that allows you to get an inside look at how a mid-size firm operates.

+ Meet with leaders throughout the organization to learn how our teams are structured.

+ Get advice on the CPA exam and learn how Johnson Lambert supports your certification journey.

+ Opportunity to interview for internships at the end of this two day event.

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Internships: Winter & Summer

+ At Johnson Lambert, we provide paid internship opportunities for candidates that will allow you to visualize what your career could be like.

+ Our internships include real work that is reflective of full-time responsibilities, allowing you to build technical and interpersonal skills essential for your future career.

+ Our goal is to offer interns a full-time offer at the end of their experience based on personal performance.

+ Tax and Audit Winter Internships (part-time & full-time): Our standard winter internship offers are typically structured from January through April.

+ Tax and Audit Summer Internships (part-time & full-time): Our standard summer internship offers are typically structured from June through July.

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Entry-Level Opportunities

+ Johnson Lambert professionals enjoy a challenging and rewarding career path.

+ Flexibility to pursue professional goals, personal commitments, and passions outside of work.

+ We strive to ensure that your transition from college to career is as easy as possible.

+ We support you in your journey to become a CPA with the following benefits:

+ CPA Exam Prep: Free Becker CPA exam review course for all new associates, with the ability to take advantage of this benefit at offer acceptance.

+ CPA Exam Cohort: Connect with your peers who are also studying for the exam & internal leaders for strategic preparation

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CPA Exam Bonus

+ We offer an attractive CPA exam bonus upon acceptance of your full-time associate offer.

+ We provide all associates with a paid Becker CPA exam review course upon acceptance of full-time offer.

+ Reimbursement of CPA fees associated with sitting for each part of the exam will also be included throughout the course of your exam process!

Learn About Our Recruiting Process

+ The recruitment process can often encompass many moving parts or feel overwhelming.

+ Johnson Lambert strives to ensure each candidate is informed of the steps of the recruitment process.

+ We clarify what you as a candidate can expect during the recruitment experience.

+ Have questions? Reach out to our recruiting team!

Intern Buddies

+ Before you even start your internship, you will be introduced to your intern buddy.

+ Your buddy is there as an indvidual point person throughout the onboarding process.

+ Your buddy will help provide support in all aspects of adjusting to life at Johnson Lambert!


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    Interview Tips

    Recruiting Manager FAQs Part One

    Lyndsey Wells, Recruiting Manager Discusses:

    + What is your favorite part of working at JL?
    + What is your advice to someone who is interested in entering the public accounting profession?
    + What are good questions to ask a recruiter at the end of an interview?

    Recruiting Manager FAQs Part Two

    Lyndsey Wells, Recruiting Manager Discusses:

    + What are common mistakes students make in interviews & how can they be avoided.
    + How can you initiate a conversation with a recruiter?
    + Should a candidate apply for a position they do not meet 100% of the requirements for?
    + Is asking a recruiter questions or talking about myself more important?


    Eager to Join?

    Johnson Lambert is more than just an accounting firm. We have chosen to serve industries that improve the lives of others, because we value the opportunity to give back and make an impact to those we serve. Take the first step towards making a difference by joining our team!