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Practice built on a foundation of technical excellence + deep industry knowledge.


What We

Stand For

Agility. Trust. Respect. These are our core values, and they align with how we provide audit and assurance services to our clients.


Our clients chose to work with us because of our deep industry knowledge and experience. Why? Our focus on insurance, nonprofits, and employee benefit plans means that our procedures and approaches are tailored to these types of organizations and, even more, they are right-sized for each client’s operations, level of complexity, risk profile, deadlines, and reporting requirements, and future plans. Your audit and assurance executives are empowered to make decisions while also being able to rely on a strong quality management program; our executives do not have the stringent requirements of going through a national office. We and our clients benefit from avoiding what can be a burdensome inefficiency. This also gives us more time to promptly respond directly to your questions and needs. We are agile because your organization is ever-evolving, and together we want to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

You need to rely on your financial statement audit or other assurance services and trust that technical excellence is never compromised and no short cuts are taken. Our audit and assurance practice is built on the highest quality standards, thorough yet efficient services, and ongoing dialogue with our clients to prepare for any significant organizational changes before our work is even underway. Proof of the trust you can place in the Johnson Lambert team include long standing client relationships, no deficiencies being noted in our PCAOB Report, and the highest level of “pass” with no letter of comment on our Peer Review report.

No matter how well the audit or assurance work is designed, how efficiently we can deliver these services, and how strong our quality management program is, at the end of the day, audits, reviews, and other assurance services can just feel like compliance work if not delivered in a collaborative approach. We have incredible respect for our clients, as organizations and as individuals, and our passion is building these relationships to get through the required work together so that we can spend more time talking about the forward-looking topics on your mind: organizational changes, new transactions, future planning, finance transformations, and more.


Our Service Offerings

Our audit and assurance services include, but are not limited to:

Financial Statement Audit

Powered by technology and tools to make data sharing simple, transparent, and secure; to make progress tracking straightforward; and to streamline efficiencies. Our financial statement audits are delivered by auditors who are highly educated in the industries they serve, who function like project managers, and who are empowered to delight their clients while still maintaining rigorous quality management protocols. People and technology paired to make the audit more than a compliance exercise.



If you do not require a full financial statement audit, Johnson Lambert’s review process provides assurance about the soundness of your organization's financial condition as presented in the financial statements. Although the degree of assurance provided through a review is different from that of an audit which has a more substantial and thorough scope, we do not cut corners on our quality management or client experience.

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Accounting Advisory Services

When you need assistance with complex or detailed accounting matters critical to your financial reporting and compliance requirements, the Johnson Lambert team’s deep industry and accounting expertise can support your team through a variety of different projects. Common examples of such projects we do to support our clients are internal control and variable interest entities (VIE) assessment and documentation as well as specific accounting technical research.

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Agreed Upon Procedures

For special projects, specific requests, and other attestation needs, the Johnson Lambert team will work with you to determine the goal of your project and then perform the necessary procedures to report our findings and any requisite descriptions and documentation.

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SOC 1, 2, 3, +, and Cybersecurity SOC

Service organizations are appropriately concerned with communicating the value and quality of services provided to customers. The independent verification of your operational processes and security procedures is often a requirement to do business, and the Johnson Lambert team has extensive experience on SOC Report engagements that will help you build trust and confidence with your user entities while frequently reducing your internal and external audit time and cost.

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Harnessing the power of data analytics, we add more coverage in our audits, and we have the ability to be more targeted on the highest risk areas. Data analytics enables us to support our clients in finding leakage in their businesses that could be compromising the bottom line or in identifying other trends that indicate new or evolving risks.


Industries We Serve

Johnson Lambert’s audit and assurance services practice is built on a foundation of technical excellence, deep industry knowledge, and the desire to work collaboratively with our clients.



We provide audit and assurance services for insurance companies of all types: commercial insurers (property & casualty, life, and health), captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, and public entity risk pools. We work with MGAs, start-up insurance companies, insurtech entities, and both public and private insurance entities.

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Our nonprofit audit and assurance services practice serves hundreds of nonprofit entities including trade associations, community development financial institutions, political action committees, membership organizations, private foundations, religious-affiliated entities, and more.

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Employee Benefit Plans

We deliver high quality audits for 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, profit sharing, health and welfare plans.

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What Are Your Audit Needs or Questions?

The Johnson Lambert team looks forward to sharing knowledge, supporting your business, and building a relationship to deliver exceptional audit and assurance services. Contact us today to learn more.

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