Your professional growth is our priority at Johnson Lambert. We make a significant investment in opportunities for you to build technical and interpersonal skill sets, which are critical to your long-term success and enjoyment of your career in public accounting.

CPA Exam Support – Our commitment to excellence and your success begins when you first start your career and we assist you with the completion of the CPA Exam. Johnson Lambert partners with Becker to provide a CPA Exam Review Course to recent graduates who accept offers with our firm. We also reimburse a significant portion of the fees associated with taking the exam. We know that preparing for the CPA exam requires a significant financial commitment, and we want to help you throughout the process.

Cash for Creds – Employees wishing to further their knowledge of business-related topics, can receive financial support for over 14 designations they wish to pursue. The firm offers financial support for exam preparation and exam fees and offers a bonus of up to $4,000 for each designation achieved.

Formal Mentorship – Anyone can request to participate in the firm’s formal mentorship program, which connects people within the firm based on their personal and professional goals. The program offers a great way to learn from someone inside or outside of your local office who can help you develop a variety of professional business and interpersonal skills.

Continuing Professional Education – Johnson Lambert employees enjoy a variety of training and other continuing professional development opportunities, both in-house and provided by external facilitators.

Career Development Program – We see each employee as an integral part to the overall success of the firm, and we encourage our people to understand how each aspect of our business supports the firm’s strategic plan. Through this program, our people get exposure to various aspects of the business, such as recruitment, marketing, and business development.