Your professional growth is our priority at Johnson Lambert. We make a significant investment in opportunities for you to build technical and interpersonal skill sets, which are critical to your long-term success and enjoyment of your career in public accounting.

CPA Exam Support – Our commitment to your success begins when you accept a full-time offer with us! Johnson Lambert pays for a CPA exam review course and we will reimburse you for fees associated with sitting for each part of the exam. We know that preparing for the CPA exam requires a significant financial commitment, and we want to help you throughout the process.

Cash for Creds – Employees wishing to further their knowledge of business-related topics, can receive financial support for over 14 designations they wish to pursue. The firm offers financial support for exam preparation and exam fees and offers a bonus of up to $4,000 for each designation achieved.

Coaching Program – When you join the firm, we want you to realize your future potential, and have the support and resources to achieve your desired outcomes. Our Coaching Program was developed with the future leaders of the firm in mind to help them shape their path to success. Once accepted into this program, participants are paired with a Johnson Lambert partner who has been trained on coaching principles and can facilitate individual awareness and growth through this process. The Coaching Program provides a robust library of resources, ranging from online training to discussion groups to books geared toward personal and professional development. We believe coaching offers a unique supplement to individuals who are ready to invest in their long term growth and progression at Johnson Lambert.

Formal Mentorship – Mentorship is an integral part of the Johnson Lambert experience. Every new hire and intern is assigned a local Johnson Lambert Buddy prior to their first day. These buddies are there throughout the onboarding process and provide support in all aspects of adjusting to life at Johnson Lambert.

Continuing Professional Education – Johnson Lambert employees enjoy a variety of training and other continuing professional development opportunities, both in-house and provided by external facilitators.

Career Development Program – We see each employee as an integral part to the overall success of the firm, and we encourage our people to understand how each aspect of our business supports the firm’s strategic plan. Through this program, our people get exposure to various aspects of the business, such as recruitment, marketing, and business development.