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Johnson Lambert’s Regulatory Services practice is dedicated to meeting the needs of insurance regulators.

We specialize in highly efficient risk-focused examinations with a cost structure that is appropriate to the complexity and size of the examined company. You can be confident that each examination will be performed in accordance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and your specific state requirements. Johnson Lambert consistently performs examinations that exceed NAIC Accreditation Standards.

As a nationally recognized, insurance-focused CPA firm, our rigorous internal quality control processes ensure that exam deliverables will flawlessly exceed your expectations.


Our Regulatory Services Include

Full-Service Financial Examinations

Multi-State Coordinated Exams (representing lead or participating states)

Captive and Risk-Retention Group Examinations

Information Technology Reviews

Regulatory Cybersecurity Review

Market Regulation Examinations

Contracted Actuarial Services

Investment Analysis

Reinsurance Analysis

Targeted Examinations – Financial or Market Conduct

Market Analysis Procedures

ORSA Reviews

Receivership Support

Special Projects




Dedicated and experienced examiners

Highly efficient risk-focused examinations

Team members include former regulators

Consistently perform examinations that exceed NAIC accreditation standards

Exam approach is tailored to state-specific requirements

Examination timeline and deliverables are based upon your expectations

"Our team brings combined decades of experience working as and for insurance regulators. We deliver timely, efficient exams and other services without ever compromising on excellent service and building strong working relationships. A foundational element of our practice is our commitment to established long-term successful partnerships with multiple states."

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Rick Nelson



Regulatory Team



Our team members are Certified Financial Examiners (CFEs), Certified Insurance Examiners (CIEs), and Certified Information Systems Audits (CISA), including several former state regulators.

Involvement & Knowledge

Members of our team regularly attend all NAIC meetings, report on the events for various publications, obtain extensive training on Statutory Accounting Principles, state-specific compliance matters, risk-focused examination best practices, NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook, NAIC Market Regulation Handbook, and NAIC Accreditation Standards.