Are You Ready For the Risks Ahead?

Recent events and regulatory changes have forced organizations to consider taking a more proactive approach toward managing risks. Organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity can be strengthened by an ERM Program while improving operational efficiency and financial security.

Johnson Lambert’s ERM consulting services provide your organization with a jumpstart on an enterprise-wide risk assessment. Our ERM professionals will guide you through the process of managing risk on a comprehensive basis. We will assist you in creating a synthesis between your organization’s key functional areas, which will create operational efficiencies while simultaneously increasing risk mitigation and risk awareness.

Johnson Lambert’s ERM implementation specialists will guide your organization through the creation of a new – or enhancement of an existing – risk management system. Our team of ERM implementation specialists can assist you with:

  • Assembling a risk management team that can implement and manage your ERM Program
  • Developing a comprehensive and timely process for identifying, measuring, and monitoring current and prospective risks
  • Establishing an organic system of risk ownership, control, and mitigation
  • Designing a risk appetite statement and risk tolerances that augment and complement your corporate strategy

Johnson Lambert offers various ERM service packages, from access to our proprietary toolkit to full-service assistance to build an ERM program. Our different consulting packages enable us to work with each client to right-size our engagement approach.

If you’re interested in learning more about our ERM services, please contact us at [email protected]