Because of our targeted client base, Johnson Lambert is positioned with the expertise to provide the specific services you need the most. We pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we have achieved while serving clients in distinct industry niches just like yours:

We know your industry

Our service model is rooted in our understanding of your business. Because our business philosophy is to focus on targeted industry niches, we monitor and stay abreast of trends, laws and regulations, new accounting rules and other environmental factors impacting your operations. We understand the unique goals, opportunities and challenges facing your organization. The resulting depth of knowledge allows us to proactively provide you with the most relevant information to make informed and timely decisions about your business.

We understand your risks

We use our understanding of your business, coupled with our knowledge of the environment in which you operate, to assess the risks impacting each segment of your business and financial reporting process.  Our audit approach is tailored to effectively address the greatest threats to your business and help provide solutions to the risks affecting your operations.

We support your success

A carefully selected team of professionals with industry-specific expertise will provide service to you. Many of our personnel have prior relevant experience having worked directly in finance and accounting positions in your industry. Our expertise is gained through specialized training, participation in industry activities and by serving multiple clients within our targeted industry niches. In turn, we share our knowledge with you, not only as part of our service, but openly through our blog, published articles, and webinars.