Tougher Lobbying Rules – California Joins the Crowd

California’s Fair Political Practices Commission recently approved new rules requiring significantly more disclosure from organizations involved in lobbying activities. While not effective for Federal jurisdictions, these changes mirror other states that have enacted more stringent lobbying rules in advance of the 2016 elections. These changes modify rules that previously allowed organizations who participated in lobbying in California to lump large sums of payments under a catch-all, non-itemized category known as “other payments to influence”. Some of the more significant changes include:

  • Detailed disclosure for “other payments to influence”: Disclosure of “other payments to influence” is now required on a separate form. Previously, this category did not require any breakdown of relevant information and was not disclosed to the public.
  • Itemization of significant expenses: Expenses of $2,500 or more, to influence legislative or administrative actions, including the payee, amount and primary purpose of the payment is now required.

For more information on these changes, see the press release here.

Paul Preziotti
Paul Preziotti | Principal