Johnson Lambert Announces Promotions

Posted on August 8, 2017

Committed to the advancement of our most talented professionals and adding value for our clients, Johnson Lambert LLP proudly announces the promotions of 38 employees effective August 1, 2017.

The Partners collectively congratulate each of these people on their significant professional accomplishment and extend an expression of gratitude for the dedicated service these individuals, and all of our employees, provide to our clients. 

Congratulations to the following personnel:

Our Newest Principals

Allan Autry (NC - Tax)
Rebecca James (VT - Audit)
Uso Sayers (GA - BAS)
Amisha Patel (VA - Audit)

Our Newest Senior Managers

Morgan Bauserman (NC - Audit)
Lori Brock (GA - Reg)
Greg Daniel (GA - BAS)
Elise Graf (NJ - Audit)
Mandy Pierce (NC - Tax)
Julia Reshetova (VT - Audit)
Davey Steele (NC - Audit)
Alex Murray (SC - Audit)
Joanne Smith (GA - Reg)

Our Newest Managers

AJ Hoger (IL - Audit)
Elyssa Burgess (VT - Audit)
Ella Howell (NC - Audit)
Carmine Pistolesi (NJ - Audit)
Steven Strickland (NC - Audit)
Alexander Pirie (GA - Reg)

Our Newest Senior Associates

Chris Bean (VA - Audit)
Eric Bomenbilt (NJ - Audit)
Michael Boyd (GA - BAS)
Andrew Cleveland (GA - Audit)
Daniel Elliott (VT - Audit)
Jennifer Evans (IL - Audit)
Lauren Findley (VA - Audit)
Lauren Graves (VA - Audit)
Trish Hagar (NC - Audit)
Alex Harrington (VA - Audit)
Laura Macuga (VT - Audit)
Lee McCollum (NC - Audit)
Amanda O'Donnell (VT - Audit)
Tyler Peterson (IL - Audit)
Kyle Polanco (SC - Audit)
Michael Richter (VT - Audit)
Gabe Rooth (NC - Audit)
Hannah Steer (VA - Audit)
Raina Tripp (VT - Audit)