February 3: ASAE Virtual CAE Kickoff | Virtual
Presenting: Preziotti

February 8-9: APCIA Executive Roundtable | Virtual
Attending: Mobley, Nowak

February 9-10: NRRA RRG Leaders Conference | Virtual
Johnson Lambert Sponsored Event

February 22-23: Emerging Leaders Conference | Virtual 
Attending: Flaherty, Ferguson

February 24-25: World Captive Forum | Virtual
Attending: Dubuque



December 14-16: 2020 GWSCPA Nonprofit Symposium | Virtual
Presenting: Preziotti


November 9-11: AICPA Employee Benefit Plans Conference | Virtual
Presenting: Patel


October 14-15: Maryland Nonprofits & MARFY Annual Conference | Virtual
Presenting: Preziotti

October 27: Captive Insurance Council of the District of Columbia (CIC-DC) Annual Conference | Virtual
Attending: Dubuque


September 10-11: IASA Midwest Chapter Fall Conference | Virtual
Presenting: Autry, Pittman
Attending: Plettau

September 14-16: Nonprofit Finance & Grants Summit | Virtual
Presenting: Preziotti

September 14-18: NAIC Insurance Summit | Virtual
Attending: Nelson

September 29-October 2: MPL Association Online Autumn Workshops | Virtual
Presenting: Jerding, Williams


August 11-13: Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) Annual Conference | Virtual
Presenting: Fuge, Nelson
Attending: Dubuque, Gravelin, James, Kiss, Manning, Partlow, Prescott, Reshetova, Rice

August 20: IASA Carolinas Chapter Summer Conference | Virtual
Attending: Miller

August 27: IASA Texas Chapter Summer Conference | Virtual
Presenting: Sayers


July 6-9: Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE) Career Development Seminar | Virtual
Presenting: Brooks, Mobley, Nelson, Smith


All Johnson Lambert attended conferences and events were postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform for June 2020.


All Johnson Lambert attended conferences and events were postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform for May 2020.


All Johnson Lambert attended conferences and events were postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform for April 2020.


March 1-4: AGRiP Governance Conference | Orlando, FL
Attending: Dubuque, Rice

March 8-10: CICA International Conference | Rancho Mirage, CA
Presenting: Gravelin
Attending: Dubuque, Hartman

March 11: Venable Nonprofit Seminar | Washington, DC
Attending: Preziotti

March 11-14: MPL Association CEO/COO Meeting & Board Governance Roundtable | Scottsdale, AZ
Attending: Jerding, Kiss

March 16-18: IIA 2020 General Audit Management Conference | Las Vegas, NV
Attending: James, Sayers

March 18: Society of Insurance Financial Management Quarterly Conference & Reception | New York City, NY
Attending: Augun, Malimban

March 19: ASAE American Associations Day | Washington, DC
Attending: Marks, Patel, Preziotti

March 19: FAR March Luncheon | Washington, DC
Attending: Patel, Preziotti

March 18-20: Washington Nonprofit Legal and Tax Conference | Washington, DC
Presenting: Marks, Preziotti

March 25: GWSCPA Young and Emerging Accountants Busy Season Happy Hour | Arlington, VA
Attending: Sadeghein

March 26: GWSCPA Nonprofit Section Meeting
Attending: Coffey, Preziotti


February 9-11: APCIA Executive Roundtable Conference; Tucson, AZ
Attending: Mobley, Nowak

February 27: GWSCPA February NFP Section Meeting
Presenting: McConnell, Patel


January 27-29: World Captive Forum | Miami, FL
Attending: Gravelin, Dubuque, Motley



December 3-5: Cayman Captive Forum; Cayman Islands
Attending: Autry, Gravelin

December 5: SIFM Quarterly Conference & Reception; New York City, NY
Attending: Augun, Malimban, Nowak

December 12: IASA California Regional Meeting; Glendale, CA
Attending: Autry, Guestin

December 17-18: GWSCPA Nonprofit Symposium; Washington, DC
Presenting: Marks, Preziotti
Attending: Augun, Coffey, Donaldson, Hassler, Jackson, McConnell, Patel, Sadeghein, Wright


November 15: IASA Pacific Northwest Fall Conference | Seattle, WA
Presenting: Moore, Vannoy

November 18: IASA Carolinas Chapter Fall Conference | Charlotte, NC
Attending: William

November 21-22: IASA Northeastern Chapter Annual Conference | Mystic, CT
Attending: Manning, Nagle, Partlow, Stephenson

November 22: IASA Texas Chapter Fall Conference | Irving, TX
Presenting: Autry
Attending: Strickland, Hall

November 25: IASA Ohio Fall Meeting | Columbus, OH
Attending: Moore


October 2-4: NRRA National Conference | Chicago, IL
Attending: Graves, James

October 3-4: 2019 Maryland Nonprofits and MARFY Annual Conference | Linthicum Heights, MD
Presenting: Preziotti

October 6-9: AGRiP Fall Educational Forum | Cleveland, OH
Attending: James, Rice

October 10: Association Trends Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon | Washington, DC
Presenting: Marks

October 13-15: ACLI Annual Conference | Boston, MA
Attending: Hall, Horan

October 15-17: bbcon 2019 | Nashville, TN
Presenting: Preziotti

October 17: Captive Insurance Group of New Jersey Meeting | NJ
Attending: Graf, Nowosielecki 

October 21-22: CIC-DC Annual Conference | Washington, DC
Attending: TBD

October 21-22: ASAE Associations @ Work | Washington, DC
Presenting: Marks, Patel, Preziotti
Attending: Coffey, Hogan

October 27-29: IASA MidSouth Chapter Conference
Attending: Autry, Cleveland, Hall, Peterson, Pittman, Strickland
Presenting: Sayers


September 5: AICPA Webinar | Online
Presenting: Preziotti

September 9-12: Annual SCCIA Executive Educational Conference | Charleston, SC
Attending: Adams, Dubuque, Fortenberry, Hartman, Murray, Polanco, Prescott, Stubbs, Wood

September 11-13: IASA Midwest Chapter Fall Conference & Golf Outing | Blue Springs, MO
Attending: Crescenti, Flaherty, Plettau

September 11-13: IASA Michigan Fall Conference and Golf Outing | Kalamazoo, MI
Attending: Barthel, Hoger

September 11-13: IASA Combined Metro NY/NJ & Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting | Atlantic City, NJ
Attending: Bomenblit, Graf, Waszak

September 15-18: SIFM Annual Conference | Atlantic City, NJ
Attending: Augun, Malimban

September 16-17: IASA Central States Regional Meeting | Indianapolis, IN
Attending: Hoger

September 19: 2019 Nonprofit Finance Summit & Federal Grants Forum | Washington, DC
Presenting: Preziotti

September 23-25: InsureTech Connect | Las Vegas, NV
Attending: Fuge, Miller, Mobley

September 25-27: Technology, Human Resources, and Finance Workshop | Chicago, IL
Attending: Jerding, Nowak

September 29-30: IASA Florida Combined Chapters Conference | Tampa, FL
Attending: Amaro, Haynes, Mon, Murphy, Perlmutter, Rhyne, Stoneburner

September 30- October 2: SIIA 2019 National Conference | San Francisco, CA
Attending: Dubuque


August 1: Association Forum Association Management Essentials | Chicago, IL
Presenting: Wright

August 6-8: VCIA Annual Conference | Burlington, VT
Presenting: Dubuque, Gravelin
Attending: Autry, Brassard, Gifford, Graves, Hartman, James, Kacur, Kiss, Macuga, Manning, Marcy, Mossey, Mulcahy, Murray, Nagle, Partlow, Prescott, Rice, Richter, Stephenson, Strachan, Tripp, Welch

August 10-13: ASAE Annual Meeting | Columbus, OH
Presenting: Preziotti
Attending: McConnell, Wright

August 14-16: IASA Carolinas Chapter Summer Meeting | Myrtle Beach, SC
Presenting: Autry
Attending: Barnwell, Edge, Farris, Guestin, Hagar, Hall, McCollum, Miller, Roberts, Strickland, Stroud, Williams

August 21: Blackbaud Webinar | Online
Presenting: Preziotti

August 21-23: NCCIA Annual Conference | Charlotte, NC
Presenting: Murray, Stubbs

August 22: IASA Georgia Fall Meeting | Atlanta, GA
Attending: Bushart, Cleveland, Jerding, Lipham, Mooney, Peterson


July 21-24: SOFE Career Development Seminar | Memphis, TN
Attending: Brock, Frary
Presenting: Brooks, Nelson, Nielson, Sayers, Smith

July 23: GWSCPA In-Person CPE Presentation | Washington, DC
Presenting: Preziotti

July 25-26: IASA Texas Chapter Summer Conference | Austin, TX
Presenting: Hall, Strickland

July 28-31: 21st Aon Risk Pooling Symposium 2019 | Manchester Village, VT
Presenting: Rice, Welch


June 2-5: IASA Annual Education Conference and Business Show | Phoenix, AZ
Presenting: Autry, Fuge, Kiss, Mobley, Nelson, Stubbs
Attending: Barnwell, Graf, Hall, Horan, Jerding, McGovern, Miller, Nowak, Perlmutter, Prescott, Sayers, Vannoy, Williams

June 3-7: NAIC Insurance Summit | Kansas City, MO
Attending: Brock, Nielson, Smith

June 5: NFP Advanced Accounting & Uniform Guidance Conference | Chicago, IL
Presenting: Preziotti
Attending: Wright

June 5-7: 2019 PLANSPONSOR National Conference | Washington, DC
Attending: Keene

June 10-12: 2019 AICPA Nonprofit Conference | Washington, DC
Presenting: Preziotti

June 11-13: AAM Summit at ENGAGE | Las Vegas, Nevada
Presenting: Kiss
Attending: Armand

June 17-19: TCIA Annual Conference | Nashville, TN
Presenting: Stubbs
Attending: Guestin

June 19: Forum Forward | Chicago, IL
Attending: Kiss


April 28 – May 1: RIMS 2019; Boston, MA
Attending: Gravelin, Welch

May 3: GWSCPA Women’s Leadership Conference; Washington, DC
Attending: Augun, Azeke, Findley, Hardwick, Oldham, Patel, Preziotti, Sadeghein

May 6-8: 2019 AICPA Employee Benefits Plan Conference; New Orleans, LA
Presenting: Marks, Patel, Walker

May 15-17: MPL Association Conference; Portland, OR
Attending: Autry, Jerding, Kiss, Nowak, Vannoy

May 16: IASA Metro New York/New Jersey Educational Session & Golf; Kenilworth, NJ
Attending: Bomenblit, Graf, Waszak

May 16-17: NLC-RISC Trustees Conference; Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Presenting: Rice

May 20: Annual Texas Captive Insurance Association Conference; Austin, TX
Presenting: James
Attending: Walker

May 21: NCACPA Not-For-Profit Accounting Conference; Greensboro, NC
Presenting: Huskins, Marks, Preziotti
Attending: Jackson, Miller

May 22: 2019 FAR Leadership Conference; Washington, DC
Presenting: Huskins
Attending: McConnell, Preziotti


April 6-9: NAIC Spring National Meeting; Orlando, FL
Attending: Nelson, Nielson, Smith, Williams

April 23: DC Captive Insurance Domicile Showcase; Washington, DC
Attending: Keene, Knell

April 25: IASA Midwest Chapter Spring Conference; Ankeny, IA
Attending: Plettau, Pittman, Vannoy

April 29: IASA Mid-Atlantic Spring Chapter Meeting; Newark, DE
Attending: Keene
Presenting: Williams


March 3-6: AGRiP Governance & Leadership Conference; St. Louis, MO
Attending: Rice, Welch

March 10-12: CICA International Conference; Tuscan, AZ
Attending: Partlow
Presenting: Gravelin, Prescott

March 13-16: CEO/COO Meeting & Board Governance Roundtable; Scottsdale, AZ
Attending: Jerding, Kiss

March 24-26: IRES Foundation National School of Market Regulation; Atlanta, GA
Attending: Nelson

March 28-29: Washington Nonprofit Tax & Legal Conference; Washington, DC
Presenting: Huskins, Preziotti


February 14: Center for Nonprofit Advancement Course; Bowie
Presenting: Preziotti

February 24-26: Emerging Leaders Conference; Miami
Attending: Miller


January 22: Association Forum Finance & HR Roundtable; Chicago
Presenting: Wright
Attending: McConnell, Huskins

January 27-29: PCI Executive Roundtable Seminar; Naples
Attending: Mobley, Nowak

January 30-February 1: World Captive Forum; Miami
Attending: Gravelin




December 10: IASA Carolinas Chapter Winter Meeting; Charlotte, NC
Presenting: Sayers

December 11-13: SCCIA Executive Educational Conference; Charleston, SC
Presenting: Gifford
Attending: Adams, Fortonberry, Hartman, Motley, Murray, Polanco, Prescott, Smiley, Stubbs, Wood

December 12: Center for Nonprofit Advancement; Washington, DC
Presenting: Preziotti

December 13: IASA California Regional Meeting; Glendale, CA
Attending: Autry, Guestin


November 9: IASA Pacific Northwest Fall Conference; Seattle, WA
Attending: Autry

November 13: NCACPA Annual Symposium; Greensboro, NC
Presenting: Preziotti

November 14: Illinois CPA Society Not-for-Profit Pre-Conference; Chicago, IL
Presenting: Preziotti

November 15-16: IASA Northeastern Chapter Annual Conference; Newport, RI
Attending: Gravelin, Goodell, James, Kacur, Manning, Partlow, Reshetova, Stephenson

November 16: SHRM Volunteer Leaders’ Summit; Washington, DC
Presenting: McConnell

November 16: IASA Texas Chapter Fall Conference; Irving, TX
Sponsorship, but not attending

November 19: IASA Ohio Fall Meeting; Columbus, OH
Attending: Moore

November 27-29: GWSCPA Annual Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Symposium; Washington, DC
Attending: Coffey, Hogan, Jackson, Knell, McConnell, Miller, Patel, Steer
Presenting: Augun, Huskins, Marks, Newton, Preziotti

November 27-29: Cayman Captive Forum; Cayman Islands
Attending: Autry, Bowers

November 30: Illinois CPA Society Not-for-Profit Springfield Conference; Springfield, IL
Presenting: Huskins, Preziotti


October 2-3: InsureTech Connect; Las Vegas, NV
Attending: Jerding, Fuge, Nowak, Mobley

October 3-5: NRRA National Conference; Chicago, IL
Attending: Gravelin, James

October 4-5: Maryland Nonprofits’ 23rd Annual Conference; Linthicum Heights, MD
Attending: Preziotti

October 21-22: IASA Florida Combined Chapters Conference
Attending: Haynes, Mon, Murphy, Patricio, Perlmutter, Quincy, Scott, Stoneburner

October 21-23: IASA Mid-South Chapter Conference; Biloxi, MS
Attending: Autry, Guestin, Hall, Jerding, Snelgrove

October 24-25: CIC-DC Annual Conference
Attending: Hogan

October 29: IASA Georgia Fall Meeting; Atlanta, GA
Attending: Jerding, Snelgrove, Mon, Sayers

October 29-30: ASAE Associations @ Work Business Conference; Washington, DC
Attending: McConnell, Preziotti