Professional Growth

Your professional growth is our priority at Johnson Lambert.  We make a significant investment in opportunities for you to build technical and intrapersonal skill sets, which are critical to your long-term success and enjoyment of your career in public accounting.

Our commitment to excellence and your success begins when you first start your career and we assist you with completion of the CPA Exam.  Johnson Lambert partners with Becker to provide a CPA Exam Review Course to recent graduates who accept offers with our firm.  We also reimburse a significant portion of the fees associated with taking the exam.  We know that preparing for the CPA exam requires a significant financial commitment, and we want to help you throughout the process.

Johnson Lambert also invests in you through our Career Development Program.  This program provides a variety of ways to engage in training opportunities and develop a range of intrapersonal and technical skills, including:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Team building
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Industry niche knowledge
  • Marketing

The Career Development Program allows you to play a significant role in your own professional development and to broaden your business knowledge beyond accounting.

We also offer a formal Mentoring Program because mentorship is an essential component of your long-term professional success.  Through informal and formal mentoring you can build professional partnerships with people at all levels of the firm.  We believe that ongoing feedback and an open-door approach allows you to engage in meaningful mentoring opportunities that will help you reach your goals.