General Flexibility – Got a doctor’s appointment or want to attend your child’s soccer game during the workday? Our workplace culture is flexible to allow you to complete work in the way that best supports our clients’ needs, while also supporting you in the various commitments you have outside of work. We believe proactive planning and communication is a key to general workplace flexibility success.

Alternate Work Arrangements – Sometimes an employee needs to explore a work schedule that differs from the standard expectations. Alternate work arrangements could be anything from a reduced schedule to working alternate hours, and may only be needed for a period of time or on a more long-term basis. Whatever the need may be, we strive to meet our employees where they are and where they want to be in their pursuit of work/life balance and success.

Work From Home – With advanced IT support and systems in place, many employees utilize telecommuting as a way to offset a long commute or when it makes sense to work remotely before traveling to a client site. As employees are able to work more independently, telecommuting can be a viable strategy to maximize your contributions to work and minimize time spent in your car.