Risk Assurance Services

Johnson Lambert's Business Advisory Services (BAS) team works with our clients to improve their risk profile. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to efficiently scope your engagement to focus on highest risk areas. Our BAS team will work with you to customize our approach and roles based on your specific requirements. Whether your audience is management, stakeholders, or customers and their auditors, we provide insightful and action-oriented deliverables. Our risk assurance services include but are not limited to the following: 

Service Organization ControlReports (SOC 1, 2, &3)

Outsourcing business and IT processes requires trust and transparency. SOC examination is quickly becoming a requirement to compete. In some cases, buyers are refusing to do business with organizations that do not have a SOC report. SOC reports provide an independent attestation of your control environment that can be trusted by your clients and their auditors. External audit requests generated by your clients’ auditors will be satisfied by your SOC report, limiting the number of audits and time spent responding to audit-related requests. For additional information on SOC reports, click here.

Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP)

AUP is an engagement to issue a report of findings based on the specific procedures performed. Examples include, but are not limited to, reviews of internal control systems, application testing, segregation of duties analysis, and the performance of specific recalculations. An AUP engagement is not a full audit, allowing you to tailor the approach to meet your specific needs and control the costs of the assessment by defining the type and extent of procedures performed.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Realization & Compliance

We have extensive experience helping organizations with SOX compliance. Our top-down, risk-based approach will streamline your documentation, testing, and reporting processes leading to IT compliance, reduced costs, and efficiencies.

Internal Audit and IT Audit Services

Our team has the industry knowledge to effectively and seamlessly integrate with your business to enhance your internal audit processes. We offer Internal Audit outsourcing, co-sourcing, and transformation services, tailored to your needs. By partnering with our trusted team, you can quickly and efficiently scale your Internal Audit capabilities to meet internal and external demands.

Regulatory Compliance Review/Assessment

Johnson Lambert has a dedicated Regulatory Services practice composed of experienced regulatory examiners​, including​ ​three former state insurance regulators.  Our team ​provides pre-examination advisory services to ​inform your ​management team of what to expect during a statutory examination, ​current compliance issues​, ​​the ​levels of documentation considered adequate but not excessive, and areas needing improvement before your examination begins.